“I cannot say enough about the work Sarah did as our music supervisor on Guerrilla.
In addition to overseeing the musical design of the show, and excavating rare tracks that deeply reflected the multi-cultural aspects of London in the early 1970s, Sarah assembled and produced live performances of various groups that were used on camera and in series to bring an unparalleled level of authenticity to the scene work.
Sarah has an incredible breath and depth of musical knowledge, as well as also having the keen sense and temperament of a true producer.
Our experience on Guerrilla was all the richer for the skills she shared with us”

John Ridley, Creator/Writer/Director (Guerrilla)

“I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on my film The Theory of Everything. It was a challenging film from a musical point of view. She has a great sense of music and a vast knowledge across the musical spectrum. It was a brilliant experience working with her and can recommend her highly to other productions”

James Marsh, Director (The Theory of Everything)

“Sarah played a hugely significant role on my feature film X+Y, introducing music that came to define the character of the film. With an impressive contacts book to draw from and her finger on the pulse of emerging talent …I have no doubt that she is the brightest and most exciting young talent working in music supervision today.”

Morgan Matthews, Director (X+Y)

“Faced with a difficult brief (and not enough money) she consistently found music that not only met our brief, but helped us develop our own understanding of the show. She’s also been brilliantly efficient, both in organising the schedule and in delivering paperwork.”

Joel Wilson, Executive Producer, Eleven Film (Glue)

“It was a pleasure collaborating with Sarah on the music for Next Goal Wins. She had a really intuitive sense of the artists who would be a good fit for the project creatively, whilst understanding and working within our budget constraints.

She was thorough, professional and made a key contribution to the film’s critical and creative success.”

Mike Brett, Director (Next Goal Wins)